Thank You for your Feedback Email Templates in 2022

In every industry, professionals can benefit from regular feedback that helps them grow and develop their skills. Thanking a colleague or manager for their feedback may be a good idea if you’ve recently received it. An email that expresses gratitude to those who provide feedback is known as a thank you for the feedback email. People often struggle with navigating feedback situations, especially if they are receiving constructive or critical feedback. No matter the situation, it’s important to remain professional and gracious when receiving feedback, since giving feedback requires a vulnerable, honest, and committed response on the part of the recipient. 

If you don’t know what to write in your email then this article will guide you.

Subjects for “Thank You for your Feedback Email”

Every day a lot of people around the globe use email for their business or for some other kind of communication. If you think your email without a subject line would be appreciative and accepted then you’re wrong as it might get deleted or go unnoticed or worse go directly to spam. If you don’t want this to happen then the best is to use a catchy and short subject line. if you don’t know what to use then you can use any one of the following:

  • Thank You for the feedback
  • We value your time and feedback
  • Thank you for choosing us
  • Keep choosing us
  • We accept what you said!

1. Thank You for your Feedback much Appreciated

Dear {Name},
Thank you so much for your feedback about my performance on our past project. I really appreciate the details you shared with me about areas where I can improve. This insight will help me greatly as I approach our next project together. I appreciate your guidance and hope we can find more feedback opportunities soon.

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

2. Thank You for your Feedback Email to the Customer

Dear {Name},

Thank you for the kind words! It always makes our day to hear that people like you enjoy our product. Our customer service team goes above and beyond to provide personalized solutions for our community, so it’s wonderful to hear that they exceeded your expectations.

I will be sure to pass on your feedback to the rest of our team; it will mean a lot to them. Thanks again for taking the time to reach out and share your experience. Please get in touch if you have any other questions or comments.

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

3. Thank You for your Feedback Email to Boss

Dear {Name},

I appreciate the time you committed to providing me with detailed and constructive feedback. Your comments were helpful and raised a few issues I hadn't considered. I wonder if you'd be available to meet next week to discuss your notes further. Is there a particular day and time that works best for you?

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

4. Thank You Email for Positive Feedback from the Manager

Dear {Name},

I truly value your feedback and the time you took to evaluate my performance. From what you said, I think I understand what I need to do in order to revamp my workflow and become more efficient in my role. Your suggestions were worthwhile and I hope to be able to implement them in my next project.

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

5. Professional Thank You for your Feedback Email

Dear {Name},

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so proud that all of our projects are on track for completion and I feel great working as a member of your team. You are such an encouraging leader who makes me feel valued on a day-to-day basis. I really appreciate that you took the time to encourage me in my work—your acknowledgment means a lot to me.

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

6. Email to Thank You for your Feedback and Suggestions

Dear {Name},

In our meeting earlier this week, you offered me some very targeted feedback and suggestions. I really appreciate you taking the time to consider all aspects of my performance while offering me constructive criticism. I took the time to consider your feedback, and I think I'd like to commit to a professional development program. Do you have an online program that you'd recommend for my growth? Thanks for your help!

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

Examples of Keywords Used in Email-

  • Name – Naveen
  • Sender Details – Naveen
  • CEO
  • Date/Time – 15 October 2021

Tips for writing “Thank You for your Feedback Email

  • As soon as you can, respond to feedback
    Don’t wait days, weeks, or months to respond to client comments. If you do, you’ll pass up a simple chance to leave the sender with a favourable impression.
  • Thank Them For Their Feedback First
    In case it wasn’t obvious, it’s crucial to thank customers for their feedback. It demonstrates to them that you value them and their voice, much like promptly responding to them.
  • Avoid Using harsh Language 
    It’s tempting to respond in a passive-aggressive manner that overtly blames the consumer when someone gives negative comments about a product, a service, or even one of your workers when you believe the criticism is unjustified. But make an effort to restrain yourself. It will just increase the customer’s annoyance or dissatisfaction and paint you as the bad guy.
  • Offer a resolution if there is a dispute whenever it is feasible
    Always strive to provide a solution if you hear criticism about a situation or a dispute. This could take the shape of a price reduction, a complete refund, or free shipment.
  • If they have any further questions or concerns, assure them you are available
    Finally, let your customers know you’re there for them. If they have any questions, concerns, or feedback, let them know that your team is available to assist. 


It would help if you kept in mind that your email must be in as simple language as possible. We hope that you liked these templates and found them helpful. We also hope that your Thank You for your Feedback Email meets with politeness and a positive attitude. If you have any suggestions related to the same, do mention them in the comments below.


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