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Customer satisfaction is the foundation of every business. Is your customer satisfied, but how do you know? The best way to find out is to ask them. If you want to exceed your customer’s expectations, you need to understand their needs and wants, rather than simply guessing. The best marketing strategies are always developed based on regular customer feedback. Therefore, survey emails are useful.

If you don’t know how to craft one then don’t worry as this article will guide you in your pursuit.

Subjects for “Survey Email Templates ”

We’ve got you covered if you don’t have the time or don’t want to sit down and brainstorm subject lines. You can use these email subject lines to get higher survey response rates for your survey emails.

  • Help us improve our service to you
  • Complete our short survey to win a prize
  • {Name}, got a minute? We’d love your expertise on this
  • Not another boring survey – we promise
  • Fill out our survey and enter to win
  • Tell us how you REALLY feel about {service/product}
  • Quick favour? It will take a minute literally

1. Event Survey Email Template

Dear {Name},

We hope you had a great time at the {event}! We try our best to provide the top services for all of the participants. But don’t let us guess – help us learn from you directly.

Please take only {X} minutes of your day to complete this {link to survey} and share your thoughts. Any feedback is important to us because that’s how we can improve.

Thank you for sharing your time with us, and we hope to see you again at the following {event}!

Thanks for your time, it is really appreciated.

Kind Regards,
{Sender Details}

2. Survey Invitation Email to Employees

Dear {Name},

Thank you for agreeing to complete this important employee survey which is being conducted by {third party provider name} for {Organisation name} employees. We encourage you to complete this employee survey at work during a quiet time when you are able to concentrate without interruption.

Employee survey instructions:

To start this survey please insert apasswordin the form of an email addressthat is meaningful to you {e.g. john@sample.com}. This password will ensure that your survey responses are kept together and in the event that you are disrupted when completing the employee survey you will be able to re-commence where you left off. 

Upon entering the employee survey you will be asked a series of questions relating to your work location, business unit, length of service, etc.  Please choose the response that best represents you.

Each question requires a response which can be answered by selecting the corresponding number for your response. There are seven ratings available, ranging from “1 = Strongly disagree” to “7 = Strongly agree”.

We urge all participants to provide constructive feedback. For that reason we encourage you to avoid using the “4 = Neither agree or disagree” rating wherever possible.

In some cases though you may find it difficult to choose a rating on a particular question. For example, if you haven’t had sufficient time in your organisation to form an opinion then, in that situation you are best to respond with “4 = Neither agree or disagree”.
Remember, your first or instinctive answer is probably the most appropriate.

{Organisation name} Surveys undertakes to keep your responses strictly confidential and does not allow results that may identify you individually to be provided to your organisation or any other third party.

If you have any trouble completing the employee survey please contact {Project manager name} at {phone number} who will assist you. The {Organisation name} contact for this survey is {Employee survey contact} and can be contacted on {phone number}.

To continue into the survey, please follow this link:
{link to employee survey}

Thank you. Your contribution to this important project is much appreciated.

Kind Regards,
{Sender Details}

3. Customer Survey Email

Dear {Name},

We’re super glad you decided to purchase {product} from us. To be honest, it’s one of our most popular items.

It would be our pleasure to learn more about your experience with it. And not just about the good stuff – hit us with some constructive criticism as well. We read all responses!

Just fill out this short {link to survey} and let us know what you think!

We’re glad you decided to become part of our amazing customer team!

Thank You.

Kind Regards,
{Sender Details}

4. Anonymous Survey Email

Dear {Name},

We just wanted to tell you how lucky we are to have you as a part of our community. {Your company} always goes far and beyond to make its members feel appreciated and heard.

We’re conducting this {link to survey} to learn more about your thoughts on our {product/service}. It will only take you {X} minutes. This is an anonymous survey so you don't have to worry about revealing your identity.

And to show we really mean what we said, you’ll get a gift card from us as a thank you once you complete the survey.

Thank you for being part of our wonderful family!

Kind Regards,
{Sender Details}

5. Post Event Survey Email

Dear {Name},

You recently attended our event at {Location}, and we’d be extremely grateful to hear your thoughts about it.

The survey will only take {X} minutes to complete, and your feedback will help us improve future events.

To start, please click on the link.

{Suvery Link}

Thanks for your input,

Kind Regards,
{Sender Details}

6. Customer Satisfaction Survey Email Template

Dear {Name},

We’d really like to hear your staisfaction about our [product/service]. It will really help us improve so that we can provide a better customer experience for all of our clients.

As a thank you for completing our short survey, which will only take about {Y} minutes of your time, we are offering all respondents a {X}% discount code off their next purchase in our online store!

To take advantage of this opportunity, please click the survey link below:

[Start survey}

Thanks for your time, it is really appreciated.

Kind Regards,
{Sender Details}

7. Employee Exit Survey Email

Dear {Name},

Thank you for the contribution you have made during your time at {company name}. We value your opinion and
 welcome feedback on your experience working with us.

It won't take more than {X} time to complete this Survey and it would be greatly appreciated.

We encourage you to be open and honest with your responses as your feedback will help shape future
 initiatives in an effort to make {Company name} a great place to work.


This survey is conducted by a third party, who is responsible for the collection and storage of all information gathered during the survey. The information will be stored in a secure online environment which is strictly confidential. Your responses will ONLY be viewed by HR and the overall results of this survey will be provided to {Company name} Senior Management Team in report format which WILL NOT enable the identification of any individual response unless you specifically indicate otherwise.

Please click here to commence survey. {Survey Link} 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact.

Thank you in advance for your participation and feedback.

Kind Regards,
{Sender Details}

Examples of Keywords Used in Email-

  • Name – Naveen
  • Sender Details – Naveen
  • CEO Emailformatsample.com
  • Date/Time – 15 October 2021

Tips for writing “Survey Email Templates

  • Include Incentives
    If you offer an incentive, like a voucher or discount coupon for their next purchase in your store, people are more likely to provide feedback.
  • Make it short 
    You can increase the response rate of your survey by keeping it short – the shorter the survey, the higher the response rate, so minimize the number of questions you ask.
  • Be honest
    It is important, to be honest about how long it will take to complete a survey. This shows the respondents that you value their time.
  • State the purpose
    Provide information about the purpose of the survey – explain how the feedback you receive will be used beneficially for the recipients.
  • Thank You
    After completing the survey, send a simple “thank you” message to show your appreciation and confirm that your users’ responses were received.


It would help if you kept in mind that your email must be in as simple language as possible. We hope that you liked these templates and found them helpful. We also hope that your Survey email meets with a positive attitude and you get a lot of responses. If you have any suggestions related to the same, do mention them in the comments below.


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