One of the best ways to increase your brand’s awareness on Facebook is to set up a page that allows your audience to subscribe to notifications and posts, but first, you must have them like your page. How can you increase the number of likes on your Facebook page? Invite your friends! Inviting all of your friends to like a page and encouraging others to do the same can result in more people liking your Facebook business page or any other Facebook page you like, which will increase interactions.

The best and easiest way to do that is by sending an email to your friends requesting them to like your Facebook Page. If you don’t know how to compose one then all you’ve to do is follow this article to the end.

Subjects for “Email to like Facebook Page”

Do you want more users to engage with your emails? You’ll need to employ email subject lines that recipients can’t help but open. You don’t want your emails to be ignored, regardless of whether you’re an email marketer or sending emails on behalf of a company. If you don’t know what to write in your subject section then go ahead and use any one of the following:

  • New Facebook Page
  • Give it a look and like: My new Facebook Page
  • Got a New Business
  • Like and Follow to get new Updates

1. Sample Email to like Facebook Page

Dear {Name},

{Your name} here.
I am emailing you to let you know about my new Facebook Business page I just launched for {Your business or product name here}.

This is where I’ll be sharing my best tips to help {list several different problems your page solves for them}.

I’d really appreciate it if you like my new page and if you do you will get my best content first.

Here’s the link: {Facebook Business Page Link}

Thank you,

Kind Regards, 
{Sender Details}

2. Requesting to like Facebook Page

Dear {Name},

Hello, {Your Name} here. For a long time, I've been busy working on my Facebook Page.  It would be great if you could support my new venture by liking my Facebook page and letting me know what you think about our products. 
Happy to organize a discount for you and your friends whenever you'd like to order from us ;)

Thank you for the time.

Kind Regards, 
{Sender Details}

3. Email to ask someone to like and Follow Facebook Page

Dear {Name},

Hello! How are you doing? Lately, I have been working on my new Facebook Page and I post all my updates on my Page. It would be great if you could like it and follow it for my latest adventures and for our new products. Cheers :)

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards, 
{Sender Details}

4. Invite Friends to like Facebook Page

Dear {Name},

Hello dear friend, please have a look at my Facebook page, and follow it to get news about my business and my whereabouts. Would be great to see you interacting with my brand, let me know if you need any more information.

Thanks mate for your precious time.

Kind Regards, 
{Sender Details}

5. Email for Employees to like your Facebook Page

Dear {Name},

Hi, I'm inviting you to like my Facebook Page because I thought you might be interested in supporting it. You'll get updates on what's new, and you can interact with other people on this Page.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely, 
{Sender Details}

Examples of Keywords Used in Email-

  • Name – Naveen
  • Sender Details – Naveen
  • CEO
  • Date/Time – 15 October 2021

Tips for writing “Email to like Facebook Page”

  • The language must be simple
    As you are telling them about something, there is no need to sound fancy, therefore be sure to use simple and clear language in your email.
  • Make sure to add a subject
    Don’t ever send your email without a subject.
  • Simple to read
    Your email must be brief, neat, and contains links that are simple to find.
  • Let them know what you want
    State your objective in the first paragraph only. You are writing an email so you can make them like your Facebook page, right? So just be straightforward about it.


We hope that you liked these templates and found them useful. We also hope that your email receives a positive attitude and that people like your Facebook page. If you have any suggestions related to the same, do mention them in the comments below.