7 Investor Update Email Templates in 2022

The following questions might come to mind as you prepare to send an investor update: What should I include? What is the best way to be transparent? Providing enough detail without overwhelming the reader is key when sharing an update. Getting the balance just right can be challenging. Think like an investor for a moment before gathering information and drafting your investor update. Investors receive a lot of emails, just like you do. Make it simple for them to comprehend and reply since they may be monitoring dozens of businesses. Ultimately, you’ll gain from it.

If you don’t know how to craft an Investor Update Email then this article will guide you. Enjoy.

Subjects for “Investor Update Email”

Arguably, email subject lines are the most crucial part of your communications. After all, recipients’ inboxes display the subject line, which decides whether they ever open your email or not. If you don’t know what to write in the subject section of your Investor Update Email then you can use any one of the following:

  • Investor Update, {Date}
  • {Day}and {Date}, Investor Update
  • New Update
  • Wanna hear something exciting?

1. Perfect Investor Update Template

Dear {Name},

This is {StartupABC} update email for {month}.

StartupABC Refresher: 1 sentence pitch to refresh everyone on what you do.


{1-5 Core metrics/points is fine. This section should act as your quick summary the health of your business. For investors its vital to see how you're doing and for advisors its great to inform the advice they will give you.}

- Monthly Sales Revenue

- Cash in bank

- Monthly burn

- Growth metrics e.g. signups, new customers, product engagement

- Tech/R&D Progress e.g. suitable for deep-tech startups etc.


- List your top 3-5 highlights, 1 sentence each {expand on anything significant in a separate area if required}


- List your top 3 challenges here. This is where your investors and advisors will at a glance be able to see and think about what they could help you with.


- 3-5 goals for next month. Think about covering all functions of the business e.g. Point on sales/customers, product and team.


[Super important section to include. This is where people can directly help out and feel good when they do]

- 1-3 top asks for your advisors and investors e.g. introduction to new hire or expert on a topic


- Publicly acknowledge the people who help you within the group {Creates a bit of competitiveness but also promotes the goodwill among your network] e.g. Thanks to Michelle for the advice on our pricing, it helped increase our margins!


Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

2. Startup Investor Update Email

Dear {Name},

It has been a busy time. We have been working to close our first major license with IBM, which will get us to cash flow break-even, and we have exchanged a final draft of the agreement this week. Morale is high as we work to get the license done, and we just hired a new senior developer to manage the integration of the license, bringing our tech team to 5 full-time employees.

Gartner just published research that the market for our server technology will grow to $1 billion within five years, and our closest competitor just raised a small seed round of $1.2 MM. After closing our seed round in December, the company has 12 months of runway with our full hiring plan, and we can cut back the hiring to survive 18 months if the IBM license fails to close. If you know anyone in the server business at IBM, please send us their Linkedin profile so that we may reach out to help close the licensing deal.


We have accelerated Product, which has come at the cost of slowing down our traction until the IBM deal closes.

1 to 5 Performance Ratings:

< 2 (4 Last) - Runway

> 5 (4 Last) - Team

> 4 (2 Last) - Product

= 4 (4 Last) - Traction

= 0 (0 Last) - Fundraising


As a result of industry players hearing about the potential IBM deal, the number of New Licensing Leads that we are attracting per week has doubled since the beginning of the month.

New Licensing Leads per Week:

> 53 (202 Active Leads, > 12% Leads in Closing Phase) - Week 1

= 42 (163 Active Leads, = 08% Leads in Closing Phase) - Week 2

> 41 (135 Active Leads, > 09% Leads in Closing Phase) - Week 3

> 22 (123 Active Leads, = 06% Leads in Closing Phase) - Week 4


We need an introduction to anyone that you know at IBM, preferably in the server business. You can either email me back with the Linkedin profile of your contact or please use the sample introduction email below:

Dear ____,

I would like to introduce you to Jane, CEO of SaaSCo. They develop server software, and IBM is working to license their technology to improve server efficiency. Jane is looking to build more contacts within IBM, and, as I am an investor, I would like to introduce you both. I hope that this introduction proves useful.

Thank you for your support. 

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

3. Professional Investor Update Email

Dear {Name},

Hope you are doing well! Here is a quick update from the last X weeks/month/quarter at the company.

Main Updates
{Reminder: Underscore’s SaaS Metrics overview is here.}

Traction: We finished the last quarter at $XX ARR. Currently tracking at $XX and with the {Customer} season picking up again this quarter, we’re targeting higher growth for the rest of Q.

New Customers: Added some great enterprise software logos: {X Customer}, {Y Customer], {Z Customer}: and crossed X paying customers.

Customer Love: Keeps on growing! New case studies and quotes on {URL to Page}. We are also on {Rating Site} now, trending strong at X/5.

Burn & Runway: Still projecting cash runway until {Month/Year} assuming base case revenue growth.

Team: We are now XX+ members strong. Really excited to have {Name} join as {Title} to help us {Job Goals}!

Customer Advisory Board: We are forming a customer advisory board of thought leaders and influencers in {Industry} – already 10 members strong. 

Q3 Priorities

Pipeline building remains the biggest GTM priority. We are actively working towards a free trial flow, and investing in ads and other salestech accelerants.

Partnerships as a GTM channel is also something we are keen to experiment with this year. The {Industry} ecosystem is ripe for this – any suggestions here would be welcome.

Our CS function is evolving to help us hit market leading NPS and NRR next year. We are now X member-strong and are building out motions for onboarding, success, and support to streamline customer ops.

{Customer Use Case} is top of mind on the product side. We are working on some exciting products which will make doing {Customer Use Case} truly simple. More on this next month!

Working towards doing a mini customer event in {Month} and a customer conference in {Month}. 

Best ways to help are:

Hiring recommendations for the {Title w/ Link to Job Description} role. Very important to close this.

Community Suggestions: We are looking to work with communities such as X, Y, and Z, where {Customers} hang out. Warm intros to any such community you know of would be helpful. 

Advice on growth: Always looking for tactical advice on growth and partnership recommendations.

Warm intros: Can never get enough of ‘em. Anything especially at {List of Companies} would be great.

Customer Advisory Board: If you know any great {Customer Role} leaders who you think highly of, we would love to speak with them. 
Use us: Many of our investors are using us for {Use Case}. It is a great way to know the product better and spread the word! 


Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

4. Seed Investor Update Email Template

Dear {Name},

Hope you’re having a great summer so far. Here’s our monthly investor update.

But first, how you can help:

Does anyone know a good PR consultant? The holidays will be an awesome opportunity to get our message out to the media and other outlets that will be covering this.

July Summary


Closed our first 4-figure MRR / $35k ARR customer. 

We hired our first full-time Marketing Manager. {Name} comes to us from [Company] and starts this month.

We’re now winning deals against major competitors {including {Competitor}, {Competitor}, and {Competitor}}, onboarding larger brands such as {Brand} and won over a few previously churned customers last month. This signifies the investments we’ve made across product, sales, and support these last few months.


{Reminder: Underscore’s SaaS Metrics overview is here.}

$X in the bank
X total customers (+X% MoM)
$XX Ending MRR  |  $XX Ending ARR  (+X% MoM)
X months of runway, cash out date
New sales bookings (% of target for month or quarter)

Product Updates

We announced integrations with {Product/Company} and {Product/Company}.

Launched a beta of our {Product Feature}.

Expanded carrier support for numerous carriers throughout South America and Europe.

Built integration with XYZ {not yet announced}.


MRR was a bit flat in July despite having a strong month in net new customers as we’re recovering a bit from last month’s churn and there’s a lag in reporting usage-based revenue, which will reflect in future months.

August Focus
We’re continuing to focus on:

Building a great {Product} and officially rolling it out to all customers.

Onboarding Marketing Manager – step on the growth pedal and prepare content and marketing campaigns ahead of [Event].
Preparing for our Q4 fundraise.

Happy customer quote of the month:


Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

A quick reminder of what we do:

{Insert two-sentence pitch here. website.url.}

5. Investor Update Email Template

Dear {Name},

June was a solid month where we continued to focus on transitioning to the new platform and shipping new features. Revenue decreased a bit in June, but many of the updates, launches, and features we shipped will lead to increased revenue in the coming months. Big things are happening in July already!

We also decided to delay the launch of our website/branding a few weeks longer, but we are very close. You’ll have another update there in a few weeks.

Business wins:

{Name} is joining {Company} as our new {Title}. She’s coming over from {Company}, where she was {Title}

Record number of applications for the month (XX)

Signed X new client contracts

Record number of API calls for the month (XX), up from XX in May

Negotiated better contracts with X vendors to increase margins on {Service}

Product wins:

Released {Feature} and {Feature} for {Product}

Transitioned to a new design system, which will…

Completed designs on new data analysis, which will…

Business losses:

Did not hit the target for revenue ($XX), down to ~$XX, below target for the month

X client launches pushed back to July

Revenue fell from $X per {Service} to $X per {Service} due to new feature/product releases

Average deal size decreased to $XX which was the 2nd lowest of the year

Product losses:

Did not launch new branding

Did not switch over to new website yet, will be doing this over the next couple weeks

Delayed start of development of {Feature} to next month

Goals for July:

Reach $XX in revenue

Fill senior Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success roles

Still looking for great frontend and backend engineers
We’d love to speak with anyone who is thinking about launching any kind of {Service} that requires any {Industry Expertise}
Reminder: {Company} does {Boilerplate}.

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

Examples of Keywords Used in Email-

  • Name – Naveen
  • Sender Details – Naveen
  • CEO Emailformatsample.com
  • Date/Time – 15 October 2021

Tips for writing “Investor Update Email

  • Be succinct
    Be brief. Keep your email introductions short. Cut any lengthy text. Improve the readability by utilizing headings and bullet points.
  • Keep it genuine
    Avoid being overly pushy; it will damage your credibility. Don’t use superlatives. Keep investors informed if something significant occurs in your company, whether it is positive or negative. Never catch them off guard; they’ll begin to lose faith.
  • Keep it focused
    When possible, use actual data and measurements and explain how they relate to the strategy. When requesting assistance, be explicit and practical.
  • Maintain context
    Share any pertinent upward or downward trends you see, and describe how investors should view them going forward.


It would help if you kept in mind that your email must be in as simple language as possible. We hope that you liked these templates and found them helpful. We also hope that your Investor Update Email meets with politeness and a positive attitude. If you have any suggestions related to the same, do mention them in the comments below.


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