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Out of Office Email Templates

8 Out of Office Email Templates in 2022

Whenever you are away from work, out-of-office emails are sent to your colleagues, customers, and clients. You might already know this but these kinds of emails are automatic reply emails. Others will be notified when you are unavailable to respond to emails and when they can expect a response. It may be necessary to include […]

Cold Email to Investors Sample

Best Cold Email to Investors Samples in 2022

Have you ever spent hours creating the ideal cold email for a possible investor, only to get silence in return? It’s not just you. Sometimes, the world of cold emailing can be brutal. Even after spending hours carefully crafting each word of an email, you could get nothing in response. An average of 10 emails […]

Founder Introduction Email Template

6 Founder Introduction Email Templates in 2022

Introduction emails can be hard as you have to make the impression in the first try only. It is kind of a do or die situation as you have got to seal deal for your sake and more importantly for your company’s sake as more clients means more money and hence better for company’s employees. […]

Sales Follow Up Email Template

8 Sales Follow-Up Email Templates in 2022

Sending outreach emails (or any form of sales emails) without paying attention to the follow-up process is a common error. Sales teams focus solely on producing an excellent first email, but the follow-up emails are reduced to just a necessity or box-ticking activity that they do without any care. That’s a major error considering that […]

Politely Decline a Sales Offer Template

Politely Decline a Sales Offer Template in 2022

No one wants to be forced into having to say “no” on a call or, god forbid, in person, everyone knows how intimidating it can be. Rejecting the sales pitches through an email is the best. The sheer volume is one of the key arguments in support of doing this. Giving each sales pitch that […]

cold email templates for sales

10 Cold Email Templates for Sales in 2022

You are unlikely to achieve good results by sending a generic sales email to a list of prospects. Cold emails can shine when they are personalized with a touch of originality. Lead generation can be accomplished by cold emailing. If you don’t know how to write an effective cold email for sales then you’re in the […]

Candidate Rejection Email Template

12 Candidate Rejection Email Template Samples in 2022

A hiring manager must take into account each applicant’s strengths and skill sets after a round of interviews. If you decide not to move forward with top candidates, you must let the others know before proceeding with top candidates. It’s crucial to carefully select your words when composing a rejection email template. Being kind and […]

Most Effective Sales Pitch Email Templates

Most Effective Sales Pitch Email Templates in 2022

Does this tale ring a bell with you? You send a prospective customer a sales email and the customer does not open it. I’m done now. Story over. Truth be told, if a potential customer doesn’t open your email, the sale is already over. They won’t go through your business plan to learn how your […]

Interview Invitation Email Template

10 Interview Invitation Email Template Samples in 2022

Hiring for an open post might take a while, especially in today’s competitive society. The amount of time spent talking with candidates can be significantly reduced and the quality of communication increased by using recruiting email templates. Sending the interview invitation email is an important first step in getting candidates interested in your available position […]

Real Estate Companies Email Sample

Top Real Estate Companies Email Samples in 2022

Nowadays, purchasing a home is increasingly done online. Real estate brokers are expected to be online, and documents can be signed virtually. Homes can also be viewed remotely through an audio-visual presentation. Writing efficient real estate email templates will help you close more deals in 2022 because so many leads, particularly millennials like to be […]

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