Have you ever spent hours creating the ideal cold email for a possible investor, only to get silence in return? It’s not just you. Sometimes, the world of cold emailing can be brutal. Even after spending hours carefully crafting each word of an email, you could get nothing in response. An average of 10 emails are sent to investors each day. Nearly all of them are pointless, uncomfortable, or just poor. It makes sense why the majority of them detest cold emails.

But we here intend to raise the standard of cold emailing and, ultimately, to see more success for both parties to the table by laying out clear, open criteria. Whether your case is not getting a response or not able to craft a good cold email we’re here to help. In this article, we’ve collected various samples that will help you in your pursuit.

Subjects for “Cold Email to Investors”

When requesting funding by cold email, having a strong subject line might help you stand out from the crowd. Additionally, concise subject lines demonstrate your sales chops. Keep it informative, short, and catchy. If you don’t what to write in the subject section fo your email then you can stop worrying and use any one of the following:

  • Your Involvement in XYZ Company
  • New in the XYZ Space
  • Referred by XYZ
  • Comment on Your Post About XYZ

1. Sample Email to Investors

Dear {Name},

I’m Erno, an experienced fintech founder from New York with a track record of building successful companies before - deep domain expertise in cash back. My co-founder Shlomi, has also a track record with exits and domain expertise in MarTech.

My last company gained $3B in gross transaction volume with over million merchants - I have deep industry insights - now we are building Benjamin Capital: “Banking made for merchant rewards” to help merchants get more customers and revenue while enjoying free fully-featured banking.

- Over 6,400 sign-ups to waitlist in less than 2 weeks1 million merchants onboard, legacy from last company
- $55,000 investment reservations from friends in 5 days
- $50,000 investment from Expert Dojo accelerator, California

We are seeking pre-seed funding up to $1M, starting from $250k using SAFEs.

If you are interested, please get back to me and we can do a call!

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

2. Cold Email to Angel Investors

Dear {Name},

I am Kenneth, CEO of Dasht (http://dasht.io/).

Dasht is a no-code business management platform for the growing number service-based SMBs & solopreneurs globally. Through our platform, current and budding entrepreneurs will be able to start, grow and operate their businesses all within Dasht.

We're integrating off-the-shelf SaaS functionality with no-code, to give entrepreneurs software that works for them while lowering the costs and inefficiencies of a large SaaS stack needed to run a service business.

Some details about us:
- Built & launched alpha in 2 months, and already in the hands of our first X alpha users,
- Waitlist of X registrants, purely by referrals and $0 on user acquisition,
- Experienced co-founding team of software operators, management and builder

We're raising an angel round to capitalize on our current momentum and positive feedback from our users. At the same time, we want to speed up development, which has been 100% done within the co-founding team thus far.

We are really excited at the prospect of speaking with yourselves, especially since we're building an ambitious product for a large market that is currently underserved in our opinion, which fits in well with [REDACTED]'s belief in taking on challenges with daunting odds.

We hope this has peaked your interest, and we look forward to showing you how Dasht will make starting and running a service business easier around the world.

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

3. VCs Cold Email

Dear {Name},

I'm a second time founder {acq.} and engineer having worked in fintech, devtools and SaaS over at Lantern, LinkedIn, Dialpad and more.

My team and I built Archetype {https://archetype.dev}, which allows developers and companies to publish and monetize APIs in minutes. We recently launched a beta a month ago and have a bunch of companies using Archetype.

Our key insight is that marketplaces suck and engineers hate spending months building the infra to monetize APIs.

We've gotten commits from founders at {FAMOUS FINTECH}, {OTHER FAMOUS FINTECH}, and folks like {FAMOUS ANGEL}.

I would love to share our insights in APIs and developer tools. What's the best way to chat?

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

4. Cold Email a Hedge Fund

Dear {Name},

My name is {Your Name} and I'm currently in my sophomore year at {University Name} studying finance and investments. I am emailing you to inquire about internship opportunities with your firm.

Please let me know if you have time to set up a quick 15 minute chat sometime this week or next to discuss more about your firm and my experience to-date. I have also attached my resume for context.

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

5. Best Cold Email to Investors

Dear {Name},

I am Fleuri, CEO of Ayanna. We help mobility entrepreneurs in Africa protect their business and grow their income by accessing a digital, instant smartphone financing solution.

Quick facts :
- The two-wheel ride hailing market is an $80B opportunity
- Kenya is our first market with 1 million of boda boda (motorcycles drivers)
- 100 smartphones sold with 90% repayment rate
- 10 000 drivers in the waiting list
- Signed partnership with Lami Insurance for smartphone and motorcycle insurances
- Ongoing partnerships with Bolt Africa and Uber Africa

Smartphone financing is the entry point. Our endgame is to become a super app with a lot of services (smartphone financing, 4G data bundles, insurances and equipment) for all mobility entrepreneurs in Africa.

I am raising a pre-seed round of funding at Ayanna so we can improve our solution, hire talents, sell more smartphones and propose new services.

Would you be open to having an introductory conversation ? I’d be happy to connect.

Yours Sincerely,
{Sender Details}

Examples of Keywords Used in Email-

  • Name – Naveen
  • Sender Details – Naveen
  • CEO Emailformatsample.com
  • Date/Time – 15 October 2021

Tips for writing “Cold Email to Investors”

  • Keep it brief
    This advice is ranked first since it is the most important one. You only have a brief window of time to make a good first impression and you can do that by showing the investor that you value their time and that by sending short and brief yet informative cold email.
  • Simple is best
    Don’t get too specific. Keep things simple and concentrate on the main points.
  • Research 
    There’s a vital step that way too many founders choose to neglect before even beginning to piece together an email to a possible investor: research. You’re just throwing darts in the air and hoping for the best if you don’t perform even the slightest amount of research on the investor you’re emailing.
  • Attach an initial pitch deck
    Your goal when cold emailing an investor is to remove obstacles and make it as simple as possible for them to respond “yes.” If they are intrigued by your proposal, they will want to learn more straight away. Attach a pitch deck to make their life easier.
  • Don’t think twice
    Cold emails are rarely sent by most people. They worry that it will come off as spam and that they will be a bother. Your advantage stems from this. You can advance just by sending that thoughtful cold email.


It would help if you kept in mind that your email must be in as simple language as possible. We hope that you liked these templates and found them helpful. We also hope that your Cold Email to Investors meets with politeness and a positive attitude. If you have any suggestions related to the same, do mention them in the comments below.